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Dear Buffalo Bore,

As you recommended, I used your 430 grain 45-70 magnum cartridges in my Marlin 1895GS lever action for a bison hunt in Missouri.  In short, I couldn't be more pleased with the results.  After stalking for a couple hours, I moved along a riverbed and had a 75 yard shot at a 3-year old 800lb bull I was after.  I hit the bull exactly where I wanted with the open sights: behind the shoulder and the bullet drove right through the middle of the opposite shoulder and into the hillside.  The bull took one step and immediately dropped.  No follow-up shot was necessary.  When I went up to the kill, a very large bull came out of the nearby woods and threatened to charge.  I had another three rounds of your ammo loaded and was very comfortable as I was confident I would be able to drop him if he decided to charge.  This was an extremely humane hunt due to your accurate and powerful round -- the great bison didn't know what hit him and expired in a few seconds.  From my calculations, your round has over 3.65 Newton-seconds of momentum (extremely high) and very high penetration -- the perfect combination for any bison or similar game.  I won't hesitate to use your ammunition again.  I've attached a picture. 


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Ron N Thumb
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I am using a Marlin 1894 Lever Action and your 158 grain hollow points. Most of the deer fall in within 30 yards.  After having used 12 gauge slugs for the last 35 years, it is a total pleasure to hunt with the little lever action.  I bought some of your 180 grain hard cast to try this year although the 158 grain have been amazing out of the rifle. 

Since they started letting us hunt with handgun cartridges here in Indiana, a lot of guys have switched to the lever actions and single shots.

I had to show some of my friends your web site for them to believe the ballistics your ammo gives out of a rifle.  I like the ammo so well, I intend to use some of the 125 grain hollow points I ordered for coyote hunting.  The two coyotes I shot last year with the heavier bullets dropped in their tracks.

With your Ammo, my 12 gauge slug gun and my varmint rifle are pretty much retired.  It is amazing what I can do with the one gun now thanks to the Ammo you have developed.  The attached picture is my buck from last year, 162 inches and 210 pounds field dressed. This was a 90 yard shot with the 357.  Now none of my friends doubt what the 357 can do with your ammo on a big deer.


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The ammo worked out great!  My review of the rifle using your ammo can be found at the following link

I shot my best group ever with your 175 grain Sniper ammo.  A 0.35" group at 100 yards.  I am getting quite a bit of traffic at my site for people interested in my FNAR and I think these results speak volumes for your ammo.

Thanks again!

Kevin Cumbie

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Dear Tim,

Attached is a picture of the 44" buffalo taken in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. I used the Buffalo Bore ammo that you sent and recommended. 430 gr. LBT-LFN

The bullet performed perfectly. It was a one-shot kill straight into the heart with a quartering-on angle. Both my Professional Hunter and Mark Keefe, Editor of American Rifleman were concerned about what the performance would be of a single-shot rifle chambered in .45-70. Needless to say they were both very impressed with your cartridge.

The hunt will be on "Benelli On Assignment" on the Outdoor Channel in 3rd quarter 2010. It should also be written up in American Rifleman by Mark and possible by another writer that was on the hunt named Bob Williams. He writes for Sporting Classics among others.

Thanks again for the ammo and your advice. Having taken animals from a Steinbok to a Cape Buffalo with .45-70 Buffalo Bore ammo I feel totally confident with the performance of your ammunition.

Please feel free to use the photos on your website if you wish.

Best regards,

Stephen McKelvain

Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Benelli USA Corp.
17603 Indian Head Highway
Accokeek, Maryland 20607

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Wanted to let you know that the ammunition worked perfectly. Dropped a trophy Bison in its tracks from approximately 90 yards.

Heart/lungs from 90 yards. Hit him broadside. Big buffalo with a full winter coat. I've attached a picture. Bullet stayed inside the body and was recovered. I've made sure that Buffalo Bore has been represented on several of the boards that I checked in with.....many opinions about a Marlin 444 and its ability to take down a Bison. Bottom line....with the Marlin, Bushnell Banner Scope, and Buffalo Bore 335 grain bullets.....there is no argument in my mind.

A member of our party jammed his rifle and used my Marlin.....killed a deer with the same 335 load from 175 yards. Distance, accuracy, and stopping power.

William W.

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Just a small thank you for the Buffalo Bore 255 grain  44 special.  I am sure Elmer Keith would agree, this load is perfect for the Smith and Wesson Model 329.  I carry this for personal defense.

A couple of weeks ago while calling Elk here in Washington State, this 200 lb bear came to the call and was 20 feet from me, She gave the the stare and I felt I needed to protect myself and others with me. I placed your load behind the front shoulder. The bear ran about 30 yards and died.  Wow! The entrance and exit wound were the same.  What power.  I am convinced you have a great load.

Thank you,

Scott Cummings

September 24, 2008

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This is the fourth year I've been hunting with the 158 Gr. .357 round and just killed the fourth buck. Excellent performance plenty of power. The buck was approximately 90 yards broadside, the bullet entered at the shoulder penetrating both shoulder blades and breaking the back then existing the deer.

Jerome S.

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Dear ammo people, I would like to share my experience with your ammo. I have a 45/70 Marlin rifle and boy I could not believe how well your ammo shoots! Here is a picture of a 1-1/2" grouping at 100 yards.


March 13, 2008

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Last Saturday, I dropped this 189 pound 10 pointer in Northern Maine with one clean shot using your 158 grain JHP ammo in a Marlin 1894. I was quite impressed!

Andrew Lopez

November 28, 2007

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Here is a photo of a Black Bear I got in northern Manitoba the first week in June of this year.  I was using your 405 grain expanding load as you had recommended it in the past.

The bear came into the bait and stood up on a barrel with his back to me.  I was in a tree stand, 30 yards away.  I shot him just below the center line between the shoulder blades.  The bullet broke his spine, tore up his lungs, and came out his throat, severing the windpipe and major arteries.  He fell over stone dead, never moved or felt a thing.

This was a 6'6" bear, roughly 350 pounds.  This is the second Black Bear I have gotten with your cartridge and the results are devastating and immediate.

Robert Dean

Rollins, MT

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Dear Buffalo Bore,

Included is a picture of an excellent specimen of a Nunivak Island (Alaska) Musk Ox that I took during the spring hunt this past February 2007. The animal was hit with a single through and through traditional lung shot at approximately 75 yards (by GPS) and expired in less than a minute; moving only a dozen or so yards after being struck. The Wild West Guns Master Guide conversion on my stainless steel Marlin Guide Gun performed perfectly with your mighty Buffalo Bore 430gr L.F.N. - G.C. .45-70 ammunition. During the wet, frigid hunt, I did not have the slightest problem with my converted Marlin rifle or your marvelous ammunition. Extensive practice with your ammunition in Fairbanks, AK, in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit before the hunt gave me the greatest confidence your product would not fail me during the moment of truth. Thank you for giving me the "power" to complete such a wonderful adventure.

CD Redger JR
Ft. Wainwright, AK
November 5, 2007 

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