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More Buffalo Bore Ammunition Field Reports
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Dear Sir:

We recently inquired about your ammo to issue to our clients that wish to take big game with the 45-70 caliber. After consulting with you we purchased a quantity of your 405 grain Expander loads from Cabela's. 

We sighted in several Winchester 1886 and Marlin 1895 rifles. With peep sights we chose 3 inches high at 100 yards for our sight %u2013in groups. One Winchester produced 1.75 inch groups from the bench. The average for all of the guns was 2.25 inch groups. We were satisfied with the accuracy and dependability of the cartridges so my husband Joe set out to test the rounds on game. 

A Maine black bear came in broadside at about 15 yards. The first shot hit 4inches high of the elbow in the shoulder area. A quick second and third shot also connected in the shoulder area. Being anxious and excited my husband did not wait to quickly climb down from the stand to see the bear.

About 30 yards from the tree stand the bear was lying wounded in a crouched position. It came barreling out of the brush in an attempt to run past Joe. A quick shot to the chest sent the bear rolling end over head right into Joe. The bear knocked Joe over and ripped his shirt as well as broke the back sight off the rifle. Another shot ended the ordeal. Looking back, Joe said he should have waited at least a half hour in the tree stand before looking for the bear.

The Buffalo Bore rounds each penetrated completely through the bear. Two went through broadside, one in the back and out the stomach and two into the chest and out the hip and haunches. The exit holes were each about the size of a golf ball. 

We will be giving Buffalo Bore ammo to all our hunters shooting large game at our Texas ranch and on African Trips as well as bear hunts. The only thing we may change is to utilize your 430 grain Penetrator on animals that are intended for life size mounts so we limit the exit hole damage to the hide. Thanks for a great product!

Mrs. Toni Ann Riekers

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This buffalo was taken with a .45 LC built by John Linebaugh on a Ruger Bisley frame. The load was a 325 gr. LBT LFN bullet at 1525 fps loaded by Buffalo Bore for the few revolvers that can handle it. 

The first shot was at 45 yards. The bullet broke the near upper leg and penetrated the heart just below the exact center, lodging in the off shoulder. The second shot was in the high flank going away and we were unable to determine the bullet path. The buffalo ran about 80 yards before stopping and moved on before we were able to see him in the bush. We got a brief look at him the next time he stopped about 150 yards further on, but could not get a shot. After about 400 yards of tracking the game scout (the last man in line) spotted him about 80 yards off to the side of the track, standing with his head down. He had obviously circled back but by this time was too sick to do much. Even so it took several shots to the chest from close in before he went down and I gave him the spine finisher visible in the photo. The spine shot was recovered down in the brisket area. 

These are incredibly tough animals, even when well hit.

Dev Moring

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Tim, a 405gr / 45-70 Marlin lever gun, one shot-one bear, in Alberta Canada.
Thanks again! ___Paul

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Dear Tim:
Enclosed you will find photos of a black bear I recently shot using your excellent 45-70 430 gr LFNGC ammo.

I was hunting in central Quebec from a tree stand about 8 feet off the ground about 20 yards from the bait. The bear approached the bait quartering toward me from my right to my left. I first spotted glimpses of the bear at about 80 yards away but as I'm sure you know, the woods are so thick I had to wait until the bear got closer for a clean shot. When the bear was about 40 yrds away I leveled my Browning Model 1886 Carbine and fired. The bear collapsed immediately: He went down in his tracks. I shot a second time. There was no chase. The bear laid dead.

When we got the bear back to the Outfitter's place we skinned and caped the hide, and boned out the meat. The first bullet hit right where I aimed, immediately behind the left shoulder. It went thru the left lung causing massive hemorrhage & destruction of the lung, passed through the heart, traveled through the right lung causing massive hemorrhage and damage to the right lung, and exited the lower right ribcage. The second bullet entered the bears side and exited the back just left of the lumbar spine and did not hit the vertebrae.

Before cutting into the bear we took measurements. The maximum head circumference measured 26 inches From the tip of his nose to the base of his tail the bear measured 6'0". Hind legs measured 20 inches in length. Therefore the estimated live standing erect is seven and half feet. Consensus among the Outfitter staff and Taxidermist is that the bear live weight was about 400 lbs. I had a life-sized mount made by the Taxidermist. It's a real trophy.

There is a big difference between killing power and stopping power. Your excellent 45-70 430 gr LFNGC ammo not only killed this 400 lb bear, it stopped him dead in his tracks knowing him off his feet as he collapsed to the forest floor. I've tried other 45-70 ammo, but Buffalo Bore 430 gr LFNGC is the only 45-70 ammo I use from now on because the terminal; performance on big game is second to none.

Thank You
Pat Baranello, MD
Owner The Caliber Shop

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Just a note to let you know how impressed I am with your ammo. This moose was taken with 1 shot through the lungs, broadside at 230 yards. The Ammo - 45-70 500 grain Buffalo Bore. Although he was about to fight another bull, to keep his cows, and being pumped up with adrenaline, your 500 grain load knocked him right off his feet.
Gordon Pugmire
Kenai, AK

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