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More Buffalo Bore Ammunition Field Reports
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I ordered a box of your 444 Marlin 270 JFP about two months ago for my new Marlin model 444. I shot a big Whitetail doe at 40 yards. Real bad situation for the doe. She didn't take a step. She didn't even kick after dropping in her tracks. Same story for a nice 8 point. I shot him at @ 150 yards at dusk while he was walking away from me. The bullet entered in front of the right hind quarter and forcefully exited through the left front shoulder. The exit wound was the discussion of the night at the camp. He dropped in his tracks, with no bodily movement after hitting the ground. Every one at the hunting camp shoots magnums such as 257 Wby. 300 WSM, 7mm Rem. and 300 Win. Mag. I think by next season that will change. It looks like those who can afford a new gun will be shooting lever actions with your ammo. 

I also appreciate the time you spent e-mailing me and responding to my questions. You and your products are a breath of fresh air in today's super corporate society in which ammo manufactures will say anything to sell their products. The performance of your ammo speaks for itself. My 444 shot groups under an inch at 100 yards. You have gained a lifetime customer and many more after I tell my friends about your products.

It's great to see you are coming out with a wide range of pistol cartridges which will eventually make their way to every handgun in my family.

W. B.Mumphrey 

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The young man is Will Fairbanks - age 6. This was his first deer, taken with a Ruger 44 mag. with your wonderful hot loads. The deer was 75 yards away. It was hit broadside with item 4B ( 44 mag. 300 gr. JFN) at an estimated 1700 fps out of the rifle and the bullet went all the way through the deer.

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Just wanted to give you some performance feedback on your 8A, 45-70 ammo. I shot this bull on 9 September at 40 yds with a Marlin 1895 with your 430 grain hard cast load. The bullet enter the right shoulder, penetrated the spine, and exited the opposite side. It lifted him up and threw him backwards, he didn't take a step. It was incredible. After butchering him I found a 2"x4" hole in his right shoulder blade, and there was a crack running vertically down the entire length of the shoulder blade. The spine had a hole in it that I poked my index finger through. This is an awesome round and is the only rifle I don't handload for. Thanks for a great product.


Gary M.Davis Sr

North Pole, Alaska

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I just bought this stainless Ruger Bisley in .45 Colt from 
Shedhorn Sports here in Ennis, MT. They had one box 
of your 325 gr. LBT -LFN ammo on hand so I got that too 
and went to the range. The gun seemed to like the ammo.

The third evening I carried it, this 250 lb. boar showed up 
45 yards below me and stopped for a quartering away shot.

The bullet hit halfway back on the right side and exited out 
the upper left front leg. The bear ran about 70 yards and 

Jim Brandenburg

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The Blue Wildebeest shot in Africa in July 2002. I used your 45.70 350 gr. ammo in my 1895 Marlin. As you can see, it was shot in the shoulder and was a 1 shot kill.

This was an SCI Gold Medal animal, #91 in the record book (of many thousands) and had a 53" spread.

A.S. Thanhauser

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